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Types Xander/Spike

Set during season 2, spoilers from School Hard

Spotting his grand-sire coming down the hall William the Bloody fought down a shout of triumph. The reason he and Dru had come to the Hellmouth was to find Angelus, she needed his blood to get better. “Angelus!” Then Spike had to fight not to raise an eyebrow in enquiry, his grand-sire was holding a yummy human under his arm and the mortal was pouring distrust, anger, and fear in waves. His curly brown hair was falling into equally delicious brown eyes which held faint, and probably ever-present, laugh lines at the edges. He had a light gold tan; typical for a SoCal boy but made even more scrumptious on his lean, lightly muscled body. The boy was athletic, but not a jock, maybe a runner or a swimmer. In short: Spike’s type.

“Spike!” Angelus answered and the blonde tossed the pole he had been using to poke holes in the ceiling to the side. This was more important.

“I’ll be damned!” Hugging his grand-sire the bleached demon fought down a growl at the feeling of the human being pressed next to certain parts of his anatomy, he still sensed something funny going on though. The crux of the matter was William the Bloody knew he had seen this particular mortal somewhere before. In fact, knew exactly where he had seen him; tossing a stake to the blonde, air-headed Slayer so she could dust the minion he’d thrown her way.

“I taught you to always guard your perimeter. Tsk, tsk, tsk. You should have someone out there.” Angelus said, trying for mock sternness and almost achieving it. But something was wrong with the man he had considered his teacher for most of his unlife. He was so easily read, and right now so very uneasy.

“I did. I’m surrounded by idiots. What’s new with you?” He asked quite obviously eying the yummy treat under Angelus’ thick arm. The poor pet was starting to become a little lightheaded from having his grand-sire’s arm there, obvious in the way his eyes were starting to glaze. His eyes snapped back to Angelus’ at the answer to his question.

“Everything.” So much weight behind that statement that Spike fought not to shift his feet. Any move he made would be noted by the older vampire and he would probably find himself taken down if his suspicions were true. “Yeah.” Spike responded uneasily. “Come up against this Slayer yet?” He moved closely to his grand-sire, keeping a careful eye on his soon to be pet though.

“She's cute. Not too bright, though. Gave the puppy dog 'I'm all tortured' act. Keeps her off my back when I feed!” Angel laughed and hoped it sounded convincing. His demon seemed all kinds of happy and enthusiastic about seeing Spike again, which also meant Drusilla would probably be in town. William was tied to her by some sort of impervious string. Praying that his plan would distract Spike for a little while at least. After all Harris was Spike’s type and was even tempting to Angelus at times Spike should buy it right?

“People still fall for that Anne Rice routine. What a world!” Spike laughed and though he did not look like it his mind was working on overdrive. Angelus was a damn fine actor but did not seem to be that happy to see him. His grand-sire would either have told him to piss off or truly been happy to see him. Which begged the question why wasn’t this vampire? Answer: not Angelus. This round of thoughts led to all new disturbing questions though. Why not? Thinking back a few decades he remembered a conversation between the bitch Darla and his Dark Princess; about a white bird, and a caged beast and then Darla….

Blonde hair flying with cheeks flushed from a recent meal the bitch went game faced and lunged at the other vampiress even as tears streaked down her cheeks. “How was I supposed to know those gypsies would give him a soul?!?!?”


A Soul!!! Slammed back into the present by his soon-to-be-pet’s croak, “I knew you were lying.” Angelus tightened his arm slightly but the brave little toaster went on, “Undead liar guy.” Smirking Spike knew this one was a keeper, anyone who could irritate his grand-sire enough to get him to offer his neck to an enemy would be useful to have around. Plus he was damn brave.

“Wanna bite before we kill her?” Angelus asked bending over the barred neck. Pretending to go along with it Spike took a step closer to the pair.

“I haven't seen you in the killing fields for an age.” Spike murmured entranced by the swirls in the lovely boy’s eyes. Angelus shrugged it off.

“I'm not much for company.” Angel answered and wondered why Spike was not taking a bite. He always was one to take the finer things in life first. Eyeing his grand-childe he was frozen by the piercing blue of his eyes. “No, you never were. So, why're you so scared of this Slayer?” Spike sneered this time, he knew why. And as soon as he got back to Dru they would be cooking up a way to fix that. Well, that and how to get his pet away from the Slayer.

“Scared?” Maybe Spike was buying into the act but still Angel could not remember a time the bleached vampire would have called Angelus scared. But his fears were quickly pushed back by Spike again.

“Yeah. Time was you would've taken her out in a heartbeat. Now look at you. I bet this, uh, tortured thing is an act, right? You're not... housebroken?” Spike put all his scorn and worry over Angelus’ situation in that one sentence. His grand-sire, Head of the line of Aurelius; if the Master and Darla were really dead, was brought down to the level of… of a house-pet.

“I saw her kill the Master. Hey, you think you can take her alone? Be my guest. I'll just feed and run.” Angel was affronted that Spike had so correctly summed up Angelus’ feeling on his position. Moving quickly he was almost to Xander’s warm, blood filled neck, and really praying he would not have to bit it when…

Holding up his hand Spike stopped his poofy grand-sire from doing something he probably would have regretted. “Don't be silly! We're all friends. We'll do it together. Let's drink to it.” Smirking now Spike bent over the cute mortal with his grand-sire. The mortal was now flooding the air with his fear and anger but underneath that all was bravery. Spike’s new toy would stand up to anything it seemed. Rearing back suddenly Spike quickly punched his sire making the other man stagger back but still keeping his hold on the boy; for a moment before realizing it wasn’t the safest position for him and letting his arm drop. “You think you can fool me?! You were my sire, man! You were
my... Yoda!” Spike’s angry. Soul or not he was Spike’s idol and having him try such a lame trick and doing it so incredibly badly. It made his blood boil.

“Things change.” A wealth of pain under that statement and Spike almost regrets his next actions. Almost.

“Not us! Not demons! Man, I can't believe this. You Uncle Tom!” Bending he quickly moved to grab his escaping pet. “Come on, people! This isn't a spectator sport!” The minions launched at Angelus and instead of fleeing, which would have been the smart thing, he tried to fight them off. Probably because Spike was reaching for the boy.

Making a break for the door Xander’s heart skipped a beat when William the Bloody appeared in front of him with vampiric super-speed. Backing up he heard the sound of flesh hitting flesh and stood stock still, meeting Spike’s blue eyes. So blue, bluer then the deep blue sea, bluer then a sapphire, like a cloudless sky. Mentally shaking off the distraction he faked a lunge to the left while actually headed towards the right and in an embarrassingly short amount of time found himself caught, spun around and plastered against a hard cold chest. Spike smiled slightly liking the feel of the boys warm body pressed against his, even with all the clothes pressed in between. His pet was filled with such fire and spirit; as evidenced when he had met his eyes. Leading him around the big fight he brought him into a position where his grand-sire would be able to see and where his pet could watch the display.

Angel struggled as a dozen minions pinned him to the floor and he watched Spike paw Xander. That’s exactly what it was; pawing. Spike kept one hand in the teen’s brown hair, too short to really hold onto much, but he was petting, rubbing the scalp. His other hand wandered over the boy’s body, stroking an arm here, chest there, once even brushing over the boy’s hip. Xander had shuddered at that, becoming more and more aroused at these light teasing touches; even if he wished he wasn’t.

Xander was wishing he was anywhere else right now, wished that Giles had not made him go get Angel, since he was now being held by the very vampire they all wanted to be very far away from. The ‘Slayer of Slayers’; William the Bloody, Spike. Said vampire was touching him in ways that Cordelia never had their quick, hot, and needy groping in the broom closets all paled in comparison to these cold brushes. He knew it was wrong for so many reasons; one: guy, two:vampire, three: he’s gonna kill Buffy.

“Wished we could have done this some other way Angelus. It’s too bad about the soul.” His grand-sire froze under the minions eyes wide as dinner plates and looking so fragile. Like the wrong word could break him into a million pieces.

“God… You knew?” Angel asked, voice flat and leeched of emotion. His grand-childe shook his head and circled Xander’s waist now simply petting his side. The boy shivered eye’s tightly shut against what was happening.

“Darla mentioned it once right before she left us. Drusilla knew I think, but she would never have told me if it was not meant to happen that way.” His boy was trying to ignore what was happening to him couldn’t have that now could they? Bending to the brunet’s ear he gave it a casual lick and enjoyed both his captives shudder and Angelus’ renewed struggles. “Ever want to do this Sire? Want to touch this pretty little Hellmouth boy? Want to make him scream?” Arms tightening around his prize just this side of painful. “You knew he would be the perfect thing to distract me with. So pretty, so perfectly my type.” Pet was shuddering in his grip and had opened his so innocent, and yet so jaded, eyes to stare at Angelus. To plead with him to tell the crazy vampire holding him that he was wrong.

Angelus answered by stilling again and looking away. Looking anywhere but at the pair. Xander whimpered slightly now actively fighting against the preternatural vampire hold. Wrenching his shoulder and arms free he might have gotten a few inches away except for the bruising hold on his hips. “Uh-uh pet. Haven’t gotten a gift from my grand-sire since he got the bloody soul. Gonna keep you I am.” Xander yelped as he was pulled back and spun around. “Hello Slayer.”

Buffy froze at the sight of her best friend being held against the vampire’s chest and her vampiric boyfriend being held to the floor by a bunch of minions. “Buffy! Just run!” Angel shouted as he began to fight against the minions hold again.

“Let Xander go.” She said stalwartly hefting her ax menacingly. The vampire looked down at the shivering teen in his grasp. “Xander? That’s an… interesting name pet.” He grinned toothily back at the Slayer. “Beats the pants off of Buffy it does.” Then he flung the mortal into the lockers and grabbed up his pipe.

Xander hit the lockers hard and slumped down the floor slightly, wondering if he had been hurt enough to warrant a trip to the hospital. Inching closer to Angel’s fight with the minions he listened to the witty banter. “Do we really need weapons for this?” Buffy voices questioningly. Spike glances at his pole and shrugs dropping it again.

“I just like them. They make me feel all manly.” Buffy drops her ax and moves forward. “The last Slayer I killed... she begged for her life.” Buffy just looks at him scornfully. “You don't strike me as the begging kind.”

“You shouldn'ta come here.” Buffy says voice serious and dangerous. Xander’s made it behind the minions and a few are eyes him hungrily. Reaching into his back pocket he pulls out his spare cross and swings it in front of him. The closest minions skitter off leaving Angel with only a few to throw off him easily. Standing the minions launch at him and Angel ducks them but the basically manage to push him and Xander out into the hall.

“No. I've messed up your doilies and stuff and touched your friend and hurt your boytoy. But I just got so bored. I'll tell you what. As a personal favor from me to you I'll make it quick. It won't hurt a bit.”

Buffy growled. “No, Spike. It's gonna hurt a lot.” The doors closed behind the minions and Angel and Xander began to fight in earnest.

Later after the fight with the minions is done and Spike’s gone back to his hide-out to lick his wounds Xander is left facing Angel with a million questions bouncing around his skull. “So, when you gave him my neck to chew on, why didn't you clock him before he had a chance to clock you?” Not the one he really wanted to ask but the Xanman figures if he ignores the ones bouncing around his skull that he can just repress the entire evening.

“I told you. I couldn't make the first move. I had to see if he was buying it or not.” Angel said edging away from the mortal who was riling up his demon so easily. He still held the scent of fear from his earlier encounter with his grand-childe.

Gulping Xander asked another of the not-so-controversial questions. “A-and if he bit me, what then?”

“We would've known he bought it.” Walking by he heard Xander stop and started to relax his stony visage just a little when Xander asks one of the questions he wanted to avoid. “Hey, what's the deal with you being Spike's sire? What's a sire?” Angel sighed and turned to face Xander.

“Nothing you have to worry about.” Fading back Angel pulls his disappearing act and leaves one bewildered boy in his wake.

After killing Collin he smiles at his Dru before deciding to tell her the bad news. “Princess, Angelus has got himself a…”

“A soul. Mummy knew, but there was nothing we could do before. Now though we can make the birdy leave the cage and let the beast out to play.” Giggling she encircled him with her arms. “But tell me precious did Daddy offer you the little kitten?” Spike smiled at her question knowing instantly who she meant.

“Oh yeah Dru, and he’s gonna be so much fun to play with.”


Spike sighed watching Dru talk to her dead birdy. He wished he had his kitten to play with, the last time he had seen his pet was Halloween. Dressed up in army fatigues and looking so serious pointing that gun at him; Spike had gotten hard right there. ‘Course then the watcher had broken the spell and the sodding Slayer had gotten her bloody rotten powers back. Stupid slayer powers have to be stronger then the average happy meal doesn’t she?

“This is so cool!.” Came a human voice and Spike snapped out of his private thoughts cursing himself for absent mindedness. If he kept this up he would match his souled sire for poofy-ness. Turning to face the young man talking his nostrils flared and he began emitting a sub-vocal growl. The boy smelled of the Slayer but underneath that, very dim, was the scent of Spike’s pet. “I would totally live here.”

“Do I have anyone on watch here? It's called security, people. Are you all asleep?” Spike walked toward Ford his eyes glittering dangerously. “Or did we finally find a restaurant that delivers?”

“I know who you are.” The boy was brave, Spike’d give him that, but there was mortal terror wafting off him a plenty. Under that was the scent of sickness and Spike can see that he wants death that he is dying.

“Yeah, I know who I am, too. So what?” Spike snarked and glared at the boy. If he was coming to him smelling of the Slayer and his boy he was obviously up to no good. While it made him angry that his pet had such people in his life it might be something the bleached vamp could work with. “I came looking for you, Spike. You are Spike, right? William the Bloody?” Spike smirked.

“You've got a real death wish. It's almost interesting.” Almost. Then the vampire that he had sent to steal the book from the Watcher came in. “Oh, this is great. This'll be very useful. So, how did you find me?” Needed that book to fix up his Dark Princess and get his sire back, it had better work.

“That doesn't matter. I've got something to offer you. I-I'm pretty sure this is the part where you take out a watch and say I've got thirty seconds to convince you not to kill me? It's traditional.” Spike snarled, this was not even fun. With his Xanpet maybe but from this low-life twerp? Not so much.

“Well,” Spike slammed the book closed his eyes dark. Not only had he pissed him off by being an ass he obviously had something up his sleeve that might hurt his pet. “I don't go much for tradition.” Grabbing the mortal scum bucket by the ear he lifted him up, “Wait, love.” Spike turned towards Drusilla who places her hands on his shoulder subtly telling him to drop the boy. Spike does. “Well?”

“Oh, c'mon! Say it! It's no fun if you don't say it.” Bloody hell this boy was annoying! If he had something to negotiate he should get to the fucking point!

Confused Spike raised an eyebrow, “What? Oh.” Rolling his eyes and repeating unenthusiastically, “You've got thirty seconds to convince me not to kill you.”

“Yes! See, this is the best! I wanna be like you. A vampire.” Boy was practically bouncing and it seriously pissed Spike off.

“I've known you for two minutes, and I can't stand you. I don't really feature you livin' forever. Can I eat him now, love?” Addressed to his princess who, disappointingly, shook her head.

“Well, feature this: I'm offering you a trade. You make me a vampire, and I give you the Slayer.” Both vampires focus on Ford who grins happily, Spike is still leaning towards ‘piss off’ until Drusilla stands on her tiptoes and whispers in his ear; “He can bait the perfect trap my Spikey, and then curiosity will trap your cat!” Mad giggles and now Ford had Spike’s undivided attention.

Ford comes up behind Xander as he stands waiting for either Buffy or Willow, Ford’s not sure which, but since he’s got him all alone he will do this now. He already managed to get Buffy to agree with meeting him later tonight now he needed Xander to say yes. And to arrive in the afternoon so he did not have to work around his time-schedule. “Xander!” Xander jumped and turned and his eyes went wide and roving when he saw Ford. Basically confirming, to Ford at least, that the Slayer and her Slayerettes had at least some clue he was up to something. But as quickly as the wide eyes appeared they were gone to be covered by a false, but really realistic, smile and welcoming arms.

“Ford! The friend of Buffy’s past! What brings you to humble me?” Xander was not gonna let Ford get under his skin. No matter what he sensed about the guy he needed to stay calm and focused and lie through his teeth. Something he was supremely good at. Ford came over and pulled out the ‘a little nervous’ look, which made Xander lean slightly closer to him. “Listen I know that I didn’t make the best of first impressions on you but I’d like to make it up to you. Ya know? Maybe some hang out time this afternoon and talk?” Xander looks puzzled but then he swiftly calculates the odds that Ford is not up to something.

“Um… I’m kinda doing a me and Willow thing this afternoon… And with the studying and the research and stuff.” Xander babbled and backed up slightly but hit the wall quickly. Ford was not pressuring him but he was definitely blocking his escape routes.

“Listen Xander, it’s just for a minute… never mind.” Turning away dejectedly the boy’s shoulders droop and he fights a smile knowing he has about three seconds before Xander caves.

Ford’s a bad guy, Xander reminds himself, so why does he feel like he kicked a puppy? “Ford….” The other boy stops, and turns when the Hellmouth resident continues on. “If it’s just for a short this afternoon while I could make it.” Ford turns and smiles, giving him the address of the club and telling him to arrive at four thirty.

Ford decides enough is enough and blows up at his friends and fellow clubbers. “It's gonna be fine!” He shouts, even though he knows that he is the only one who will make it out of the room with any semblance of living. Except for Xander; who was knocked out and tied down to a chair in the corner of the room. The others had bitched about that at first, until he told them it was one of the vampires requests. Then he hears a voice that just pisses him off more.

“No.” All eyes turn to the top of the stairs, except for Buffy’s. She stares at Xander’s still and bound form her eyes darkening she shifts the focus of her gaze to her backstabbing former friend. “It's really not.” How could he think death by vampires would be okay? And what was Xander doing there?

“It's kinda drafty in here.” Ford mentions lightly to Diego, thinking ‘go close the door dumbass’.

“I'm sorry, Ford. I just couldn't wait till tonight! I'm rash and impulsive. It's a flaw.” She’s coming down the stairs. Oh yeah Summers, come to Daddy. “We all have flaws.” Ford gives himself room to maneuver ignoring the evil killer eyes the Slayer is directing at him.
“I'm still a little fuzzy on exactly what yours is. I think it has to do with being a lying scumbag.” Buffy has reached Ford and then her eyes dart towards Xander eyes darkening again. “And apparently a kidnapper.”

“Everybody lies.” Not touching the kidnapping bit.

“What do you want, Ford? What's this all about?” Buffy waved her arms around indicating the table full of drinks, the clubbers in their goth gear, Xander, Ford and herself.

“I really don't think you'd understand.” Ford lowered his eyes, she wouldn’t. Not with her super-human strength. Not with her friends and her super-healing.

“I don't need to understand. I just need to know.” Buffy glares clenching hands at the answer she got. “I'm gonna be one of them.”

“You wanna be a vampire?” Incredulous followed by fury.

“I'm going to.” Firm statement. He was, Spike had promised. Especially if he brought Xander.

“You know, vampires are a little picky about who they change over…” Her eyes flickered to Xander and the realization hit. Not only was the Slayer’s best friend in this room but the Slayer was as well. “You were gonna offer them a trade!”

“I don't think I wanna talk anymore.” Ford mumbled starting to turn away. Buffy had other ideas grabbing him by the throat and shoving him against a pillar. She was pissed but a small part of her was shouting that she should grab Xander and run.

“Yeah, well, I still feel awfully chatty! You were gonna give them me! Tonight!” Fury overcoming thought. “And Xander too!”


“You had to know I'd figure it out.” Buffy grips tighter but is thrown by his answer yet again.

“Actually, I was counting on it.” Ford’s smiling, why was he smiling? Buffy let go and backed away looking over the party-goers. The asshole formerly known as Ford just coughed and then began to laugh.

Patience snapping and the icy tone and ‘stake now’ eyes were back. “What's supposed to happen tonight?”

“This is *so* cool! It's just like it played in my head. You know that part where you ask me what's supposed to happen? It's already happening.” Ford’s snickering and one of his friends runs up and closes the door with a bang. Buffy panicked rushes up to pound on it but the door does not budge.

“Rigged up special. Once it's closed, it can only be opened from the outside. As soon as the sun sets, they'll be comin'.” Ford laughs and Buffy runs back down the stairs trying to figure out how to get the civilians out.

Spike and his minions walk out of the warehouse headed towards the ‘Sunset Club’. What a bloody corny name. “When we get there, everybody spread out. Two men on the door, first priority's the Slayer, seconds my pet, everything else is fair game, and let's remember to share, people.” Coming up to Drusilla he asks, “Are you sure you're up for this?”

“I want a treat. I need a treat.” Drusilla whined and Spike smiles. He was indulgent, okay so he spoiled her rotten.

“And a special one you'll have. Lucius! Bring the car around.” Tossing his keys to the minion he begins to hum.

Xander moans slightly as he begins to come to. He felt like he’d drunk something particularly nasty but the only thing he can think of would be the coke Ford gave him. Course that had a funny taste, trying to move his hands he realizes he’s tied up and consciousness follows that thought quickly. Weakly prying his eyes open he sees he’s in the Sunset Club, tied up with Ford and Buffy arguing and then he knows. Ford drugged him. Lousy bastard.

Buffy’s coming down the stairs again oh and look she’s gonna shout now. “People, listen to me! This is not the mothership, people! This is ugly death come to play!” Damnit Ford’s right behind her and he looks like he’s gonna… Ford slaps her across the face and kicks her in the back sending her down the stairs and Xander winces knowing she’s unconscious but will be up in a second. Then Spike’s through the door and the brunet is cowering in his chair trying to make himself small and harmless.

The vampires eyes alight on him and he moves forward speaking to his minions over his shoulder. “Take them all. Save the Slayer for me.” Hauling Xander up he smiles slightly. “Hello Pet, ‘s been a while hasn’t it?” Xander begins to struggle glaring at the other man. “Now pet don’t you want to tell me how you’ve been?” Laughs as Xander only struggles harder. Slayer’s up and about now punching minions and the Ford boy. No loss that. Ripping open his wrist he holds the blood in front of the boy, needs his pet to take just the smallest sip. Just a little bit of Spike in him so the vampire has a leash to tug on. Boy tries to turn away but soon its swallow or pass out from lack of oxygen. Taking what he assumes is the lesser of the two evils he drinks.

“Spike!” Turning gold flares in his eyes, the Slayer’s got his sire up on the balcony with a stake over her heart.

“Everybody STOP!” The minions stop the feeding frenzy and look at him questioningly. The slayer has a pissed off glint in her eye now, probably noticing the bound and struggling boy under his arm.

“Good idea. Now you let everyone out, or your girlfriend fits in an ashtray.” Dru’s frightened, he can tell by the way she whispers out his name. Like it was a question whether he’d stop for her.

“It's gonna be alright, baby. Let them go!” The minions do at then the happy meals on legs are gone, out the doors and outside into freedom.

“Drop Xander and come down the stairs.” Slayer’s ordering him around but it doesn’t really matter. Xanpet’s drunk his blood, and he’ll get to the Slayer’s death eventually. They trade places at the top of the stairs and then Buffy throws Drusilla to him, grabs Xander and is up and out closing the door behind him and locking him in.

Xander shakes slightly as he makes his way inside. The nights since the attack at Ford’s club have been busy filled with more fledges then Xander knew what to do with. Not really more fledges in general but all but the newly risen vampires seemed to have decided to attack Xander. Or… not really attack but leap at him and try to drag him away. Didn’t take him long to figure out that Spike must have said something to them about a special treat for the vampire who brings him his ‘pet’. Shuddering Xander eases his way up the stairs freezing whenever he hears a change in his father’s snores. Wouldn’t want to wake the old man up and have another screaming match now would he? Nope.

Making it into his bedroom Xander is swaying on his feet eyes blurred slightly by exhaustion as he strips down to his boxers. He has not been sleeping well, every sound waking him up, every dream filled with the bloody torn up bodies of friends and family. The dreams were disturbing because of the fact they weren’t wigging him out. While he was asleep they were; sexy, quenching, and god forbid, soothing, making him wake up with some strange sense of joy. Some nights he feels some ones outside his window watching….

Like tonight.

Turned towards the wall his eyes fly open at the scratching he hears at his window. Don’t turn over, he instructs himself, don’t… But his bodies turning against his will and Xander stares out his window into the golden eyes of a vampire. “Spike.” Flat, unemotional, unsurprised tone of voice and the vampires eyebrow is crooked and he’s light a cigarette. Bright red flare against the dark.

“Don’t seem too surprised to see me pet, been expectin?”


Xander gulped and lunged towards his bedside table for his cross. “Freeze.” Spike’s cool voice drifted into his room and the brunet’s hand froze inches away from his sacred shield. His entire body stood stock still at the order unable to move. Xander panted and frantically tried to reach his cross, tried to make this stop happening. “What did you do?” He gasps out still trying to reach the cross and finding himself able to move forward a little, but not enough.

Spike chuckled and leaned against the invisible barrier that separated him from his pet. It rippled like water under his fingertips as he watched his pet try to throw off his order. “Like that about you pet, full of spirit. However,” Lifting his lit fag to his mouth the vampire blew a stream of smoke out while staring at Xander with golden eyes. “Willfulness isn’t enough to get rid of a blood-tie.”

“Bl-blood tie?” Xander squeaked still trying to grab that cross. Spike’s next words froze the blood in his veins.

“Let me in Xanpet.” Spike’s smile widened as his boy shuddered and then bit his lip in the effort to keep from speaking. Xander could not believe this was happening, Spike was evil! An evil vampire and he was not gonna let him in! “Pet, invite me in.” Xander’s mouth opened of its own volition.

“Co-” Teeth snapping shut and accidentally biting his lip hard enough to break the skin, the young man refocused on one goal. Reaching the cross, his fingers were almost able to brush it…

Spike hissed game-face briefly flashing as he caught the delectable scent of his pets blood. Calling on the voice of a Master Vampire Spike spoke to the recalcitrant mortal. “Xander. Invite. Me. In!” The words tumbled out of the boys mouth before he could stop them and the bleached-blond century old vampire was in the room and by his bed before his fingers could touch the cross. Darting down he licked up a little of the blood that pooled on the boys bottom lip.

“No!” Xander struggled now but Spike had a hold on him and was keeping him pressed tight against his cool chest. His shout only gave the vampire the chance to dip his tongue further into the wet cavern and taste more of the sweet chocolate tinged blood. Drawing back he smirked and sat down on the bed easily quelling his pet’s wriggles with one softly spoken ‘stop’. The boy froze and allowed Spike to arrange him as he wanted on his lap.

“Now Pet, you want to behave right?” The brunet shook his head back and forth furiously and the vampire could not hold back another chuckle. “Well that’s just too bad. Don’t think you have much of a choice.” Ripping open his wrist he held it out to the mortal, knowing that he did not want to bite him yet, no matter how sweet the blood was, Spike wanted him begging for it when he did eventually bite. Xander’s eyes had widened at the sight of the blood and he was both leaning towards it and trying to scurry away. “Drink.” The boy, unable to fight both his own desires and his master’s voice, leaned forward and sucked.

The next day Xander stumbled through school bleary eyed and yawning next to a bright eyed and bushy-tailed Willow. “Xan, you okay?” Buffy eventually asked after she had to save him from taking another headfirst dive into his lunch. Xander shook his head and mumbled something about not enough sleep and hoped he did not reveal anything else as he collapsed into a chair in his next class. After school he tried to follow the conversation that Buffy, Willow, and Giles were all having about slaying but the chair was so comfortable…

Willow glanced over at where Xander had fallen asleep with his head on the table and wondered just what had kept him up last night. Sharing a smile with Buffy they both turned to explain to Giles how tired he had been that day. “He hasn’t been sleeping well lately, I have noticed. I wonder why it was particularly bad last night?” Giles said in his soft, upper-crust, British voice and both Buffy and Willow blushed.

“We asked but he just mumbled and moved away. Well, mumbled and blushed and moved away. I know he’s been having dreams a lot, and from what I’ve coaxed out of him they’re icky dreams, but he usually only sleeps like 3 hours a night anyway and that’s not even counting if theirs extra slaying or mega-cramming to be done but we didn’t have any tests today and the dreams usually let him sleep through the nights he just tends to be a little wiggy afterwards…” Willow babbled cutely a nice light rose tinting her cheeks from the exertion. She would have gone on but Giles cut her off.

“Dreams? What are they about? And for how long have they been happening?” When the redhead paused Giles frowned slightly. “Willow we all know how important dreams can be, and how dangerous.” All of them remembered last year when nightmares had taken over their school because of one little boy trapped in a coma.

“I dunno, he didn’t start not sleeping well until sometime after Ford.” An apologetic glance sent Buffy’s way but the Slayer shrugged it off. “He won’t tell me what they’re about but it seems to be really wiggy.” Giles had his concerned, contemplative look on as he gazed at the slumped body on the research table.

“Buffy… did anything happen at Ford’s club? You mentioned he had Xander tied up but nothing else…” Buffy glanced guiltily at the somnolent brunet highschooler before turning back to Giles with her ‘guilty’ face. Straightening her shoulders the petite slayer pulled herself together.

“Well… remember how I told you Spike was “holding” Xander,” She started, complete with air quotes, “at Parent Teacher night? Well I think that’s why Ford brought him along. Spike kinda had him, while I was passed out and then fighting, and he was… I dunno talking I guess… I didn’t see much but I think I saw Spike holding his wrist to Xander’s mouth. I think he might have,” And the blonde’s voice dropped so the man and girl listening to her had to lean in to hear. “Ya know, drunk his blood.”

Willow stumbled back from Buffy her own blood draining from her face as the import of her friend for life’s situation hit her, and then rushing back when she remembered all the various stories she had read in Giles’ ‘forbidden’ books about vampires and sharing blood. Giles for his part was frantically cleaning his glasses as he tried to sort out the meaning behind William the Bloody taking a human pet, or possibly marking his soon-to-be childe. Spike had never been known to take a Pet for long, and usually shared them with Drusilla or Angelus(for the short while of Spike’s life he had been around) and had never taken a potential childe.

“He did.” Angel voiced his thoughts from the shadowed corner in which he had been hiding. All three fighters of evil spun around and gave him blank looks. “He drank Spike’s blood I can smell Spike’s scent all over him.” Buffy gathered herself the fastest used, as she was, to her boyfriend’s sudden appearances and disappearances. “Wait but if it happened it happened a while ago. I mean, won’t the scent have worn off?”

“It would have, but the smell’s recent. I think the reason Xander did not sleep last night was because Spike was bothering him.” Staring at the young man’s brown hair he idly wished he had never offered him to his grandchilde. “I think we have to keep a close watch on him, just in case.” Everyone nodded, mutually deciding to keep Spike’s evil hands, and fangs, off Xander.


Xander kicked a rock as he walked home grumbling to himself. His friends had not let him help with patrol or research for what seemed like forever! And they were totally uber-protective of him, making him go home while the sun was still up. It wasn’t like he couldn’t help at all. After all, even without super powers or extra smarts he was still him! He could still do stuff! Still it did not make any sense for them to push him away like this. Unless…. Face paling the young man looked up from his feet but his eyes were distant and unseeing. Unless they knew about Spike, about the blood, unless they hated him for that.

Tears stinging his eyes Xander held them back. No way was he gonna let some inconsiderate friends and a psycho vampire make him cry. Unlocking his house he listened carefully, almost smiling when he did not hear any movement in the house. Meaning his parents were out. His Dad had managed to find some sort of work for himself recently and his Mom was probably already out at a party, meaning neither would be back until early in the morning.

Smiling to himself Xander switched on the television and sat down on the couch.

Spike smiled to himself as he neared his pets house. Inside he could hear a television on and running but no drunken scrambling and only one heartbeat, plus the television channel it was tuned to was some mindless teenage sitcom. The bleached vampire smiled, it had been murder trying to get to his pet lately. His so called friends had taken protective to… well not new levels because none of them was hanging around his pet now were they? Nobody had bothered to even set a watch on the house or move him out of it, probably meaning they did not know Xan had invited him in. Course Angelus should know that the blood claim gave him a hold over the mortal, a hold that meant he had the ability to make his pet do whatever he wanted.

Nearing the door Spike listened closely Xander’s heartbeat was slowed meaning he was obviously asleep. Good, Spike smirked, that would make it so much easier. Stepping into the living room he spotted his pressie laying across the dilapidated scrap of cloth they called a couch in the Harris home. Nearing him Spike took in the way his pet slept, how he had his leg flung over one of the arm of the sofa and one of his hands hung by the support, that his eyelashes made crescent moon shadows under his eyes and that behind the eyelids his eyeballs darted back and forth caught in a vivid dream. Spike especially noted how his boy’s heart rate sped up as he got closer and the neck tilted just a little bit to the side, while a slight hint of arousal flavored the air. Grinning Spike realized that while Xander’s conscious mind might not want to acknowledge him as master, his unconscious mind already knew. Bringing out a length of rope the master vampire prepared a surprise for his pet, good thing the boy was a heavy sleeper.

Xander woke to the feeling of cool hands and an even cooler mouth running over his skin. It was so sweet, so blessedly cool after such a hot dream… Wait… COOL MOUTH! Xander rocketed into wakefulness as his mind began to fully understand the proportions of how screwed he was. Eyes shooting open his brown orbs met Spike’s cool blue ones as the vampire rested on top of him, amusement quirking his lips. “S-s-s-spike! He squeaked as he realized he was naked. Naked and under a vampire. Not good.

“That’s me pet.” Spike watched his Kitten, as Drusilla was now referring to Xander as, try to move and then look up to find his hands tied together and to one of the lamp posts, and look down to find his feet tied to the couch leg. Xander’s warm chocolate brown eyes met his and he squeaked again. “Now kitten that sounds too mousy, lets see if we can make you purr.” With this statement the vamp dipped his head down and took one of Xander’s nipples into his mouth.

Xander groaned as the cold, wet and (oh) sucking mouth began teasing him. Why didn’t he want this? Oh right, vampire. Evil vampire. “Spike, Spike please, please, stop.” Surprisingly the vampire did stop and those crystal blue eyes stared into his, Xander felt himself flushing with embarrassment and something more, but ignored that other part. “Please don’t do this.” Spike moved away from his chest and is now hovering over his face, golden specks spinning in his eyes.

“Beg so nicely Xanpet,” Spike purred eying his pet’s lips hungrily, such pretty pouty lips. Dry too, so it shouldn’t surprise him when the boy nervously licks them making them shine briefly. Growling the vampire darted forward and forced his way inside his boys mouth, his left hand coming up to hold the chin ad squeeze just enough on the jaw so his boy gets the message and lets him do what he wants. Xan likes it too, Spike can feel a certain part of his anatomy begin to wake up due to his dominant kissing.

Xander groaned into Spike’s mouth, aroused by the way the vampire was kissing him and at the heavy grind of the vampire’s hips. As Spike pulled away the brunet frantically tried to remember just what he had been objecting to but gave it up as the other man began nibbling on his neck. Wait! Neck! Vampire!!! “No!” Xander began to struggle then tugging on the ropes binding his wrists and ankles, knowing he’ll be able to knock over the lamp in a minute. Spike’s eyeing him curiously now, questions swimming across his face that Xander ignores.

“No? Xander you are a treasure, able to resist the blood for so long.” Inside Spike’s worried. It was around a month and a half after the Sunset club when he first came to Xander, and the bond had held. Now while Spike had not given him any orders it had only been three weeks since he had fed him blood. The boy should not be able to resist him at all. He could always order the boy to give it up to him but… nah he’d never been much for the rape scene. Better give him some more blood then, ripping open his wrist the vampire held it in front of the boy’s mouth. “Drink.” Unable to refuse the order the boy latched on, and as the liquid flowed down his throat Xander came.

Spike smirked as the boy came too, after swallowing his blood and cumming his pet had passed out. Had to work on the boy’s endurance they did. While his pet was out of it Spike had untied his wrists and ankles and sat him up. “Now Pet, you’re gonna want to pay attention to this.” Spike told the groggy mortal, who again quickly recovered his senses. “Good, now that you’re back in the land of the living,” Smirk, “I thought I’d warn you against telling Angelus about this. If you do I give all your friends a copy of the tape.”

“Tape? What…” The evil, sadistic, bastard of a vampire merely held up a video camera, a video camera that Xander had never noticed sitting on his coffee table.

“Smile for the camera, luv.” Spike’s grin grew at his pet’s angry but helpless expression. “I will of course edit out the sound so they don’t know you were saying no. Maybe add in some cheap porno music.” The vampire easily evaded Xander’s attempt to gain control of the video camera. “No pet behave, or I might just send it anyway.” The angry human’s movements still instantly, Spike landed a quick kiss on Xander’s forehead before sauntering out the door his threat drifting back in before the door shut. “I’ll be seeing you around luv.” With that threat repeating in his ears Xander found himself unable to sleep that night.

Buffy frowned as she caught Xander asleep in the library. He was curled into a ball around himself and had zonked out as soon as he had sat down. “I thought things were getting better.” She whispered to Willow. Willow nodded and her concerned eyes were glued to Xander. Giles was off getting a book about some demon Buffy had spotted last night.

“He was. You don’t think….” They both flashed to the last time Xander had fallen asleep in the library. Maybe…. “I think we should have him stick around until Angel gets here.” Silent agreement made the two friends stood watch over the sleeping boy.

Xander was practically bouncing as he, Willow, and Buffy all patrolled together. It was his first time out in forever and he knew Willow was smiling indulgently but she hadn’t been kicked off the patrol route had she? Didn’t know what it was like then did she? Still it was a little odd that they were letting him patrol with them, after the whole protect Xander gig. Of course, not that Xander wanted to go home! Because Spike could get into his house and…. Was That why they were letting him patrol? Did that KNOW?!?!?! His unhappy thoughts were thrown off by the attack of a large group of fledges. ((A/N- if you read my stories you will notice that, yes this is a common tactic of my vampires. I’m unoriginal, so sue me. On second thought; don’t.))

Two of them leaped at him from his blind spot dragging him off the side, away from the main fight. He opened his mouth to shout, only for one of them to place their hand over it. Soon he found himself pinned on a tree looking up into Spike’s crystal blue eyes. “Noticed you weren’t home Xan, thought I’d come looking.” Xander fought the urge to lean into the vampire, instead opening his mouth to shout for, “Not a word.”

“Buffy.” He managed to wheeze out even though it felt like his throat closed up around the sound. It wouldn’t do him any good, being barely above a whisper and only earning him a narrow-eyed stare from Spike.

“Surprised you can make any sort of sound at all pet.” Spike leaned in, pressing his body closer to his pet’s warm one. Heating up now with adrenaline and arousal. “That’s it pet.” Spike whispered and leaned into the boy more, lightly shimmying his body and earning a low moan from his Xanpet. “Just go with the flow.” Leaning down to suck on the boy’s neck which, he noted, was quickly proffered to him. Sucking on a place he planned on biting later Spike slipped one cold long fingered hand under the boys shirt, enjoying the play of muscles under the skin as he slipped the hand up to circle one nipple. His other hand was worming his way down the back of the boys pants to cup his ass. Nice ass, nice Virgin ass he was sure.

Xander gasped under the assault of both Spike’s mouth and hands. He could tell the Master vampire wanted to do this quickly but it felt oh, so torturous. His fingers were rolling, and pinching the nub of his left nipple before moving across his chest for the other one. Spike’s hand possessively cupped his ass and brought Xander’s hips forward to grind against his own. Spike sucked on his neck before backing away and looking at his pet, bringing one hand out of his pants and removing the other from under his pet’s shirt. At the disappointed moan the vampire smirked, and then struck.

Xander cried out at the sudden feeling of someone biting his neck and twin pinpricks of pain, which seemed somehow colder then the rest of the bite, but any noise his shout might have made was stopped in his throat by his master’s command. Master? Where did that come from? The brown haired mortal did not notice the vampire using a knife to slit his wrist and then hold the bleeding appendage up to the mortal’s mouth. Xander just began drinking as the liquid flowed in.

Spike smirked against the warm skin under him, knowing his pet was drinking and he would have to stop soon, he didn’t want to turn his pet yet, but he just wanted a sip more of this sweet chocolate flavored brew. Suddenly the bleached blond was ripped away from his bleeding pets throat by none other then his grandsire. “Angel.” He growled out still in gameface, Angel growled back also in full gameface and probably not realizing it.

Angel was pissed. He had become pissed the moment he met up with Buffy and Willow battling a bunch of fledges and learning that they had brought Xan out with them and then ‘oops’ lost him. The fact they had brought the boy into the field while knowing there was a Master Vampire who had killed two Slayers out looking for him imply infuriated him beyond his boundless patience. And the fact that his grand-childe had been drinking and feeding Xander? And that Xander smelled like sex and lust and need? Just. Pissed. Him. Off! Throwing Spike into some nearby trees the older vampire whirled so his back was too Xander, protecting him while he glared at Spike.

Spike easily recovered from the throw, thankful no pointy branches had hit certain parts of his anatomy. He noticed however that his Grandsire had not tried to stake him, and he knew his grandsire had a stake somewhere in that duster of his. Probably a couple of ‘em. “Oi! That’s my pet! You gave him to me! Indian giver!” He shifted into an offensive stance but did not attack; Spike wanted to see what the brunet vampire did next.

“I gave him to you and I can take him back childe.” Angel growled out, gameface to the fore and demon howling to be let out to inform his grandchilde of just who he was messing with. Spike smirked at him before fading into the shadows,

“Not unless you claim him first, Peaches. And I’m already well on my way.” Then his grandchilde was gone in a mix of smoke, and billowing duster. To his left he could hear the rapid approaching heartbeats of Buffy and Willow. Turning around though he kneeled next to a slumped and still bleeding Xander. Oh; slumped, bleeding and unconscious Xander. Well wasn’t that just peachy.


Angel carried Xander back to the library with Buffy and Willow tittering about him in anxious worry. They explained why they had brought him out, they had wanted Angel to see if he could sense anything about Xander. Wanted him to see if Spike had been bothering the boy recently. Obviously he had, the bond between a Master Vampire and his pet could be felt by blood-relatives and Angel could already feel that tenuous string forming. Spike had not truly claimed Xander but feeding him blood while feeding off of him was the fourth step in a five step process.

Step one; pick pet. Step two; feed pet blood. Step three; mindfuck pet. Step four; feed and feed off of pet. Step five: Fuck, feed, and feed off of pet.

Five easy steps that Angelus had perfected and passed on to his childer. Of course human pet’s were rarely kept long in the Aurelius line, where as in other vampiric lines human pets were future childer. He had a feeling though that if Spike got his hands on Xander he would keep him anchored to him for eternity, and the thought of a vampiric Xander scared the shit out of Angel.

It excited Angelus.

Carrying the boy into the library he tenderly set him in one of the chairs listening to the girls explanation of what happened. “We were fighting some minions and they must have grabbed Xander! I didn’t want to take him out on patrol but we needed to get him near Angel and since Angel usually shows up when I patrol,” Buffy started but was cut off by her watcher.

“And you didn’t think to ask Xander to stay here and help me and then have Angel come over later to talk to him?” Buffy blushed and looked at her feet before quickly recovering, and gave Willow no chance to speak.

“Well you were off looking for that book and we know Xander hates research and he’d probably get bored and wander off. He’s worse then I am at research anyway!” Buffy would have blundered on but was stopped by Willow’s quiet statement.

“He doesn’t hate research.” She said and was staring at Buffy as if only just seeing her. Which Angel thought was possible since he had started seeing Buffy in a whole new light too. “He’s really good at research. Most of the time if he finds something he hands me the book and points it out, but lets me take credit. He thinks its boring because Xan has ADHD; attention deficit hyperactive disorder. He’s on medication but it’s still hard for him to focus and sit still for a while. That’s why he does so badly in school. He’s as smart, if not smarter then I am and I want you to stop treating him like he’s a joke!” Willow’s voice had steadily rose through her speech and at the end she burst into tears and ran out of the library. Buffy started after her but Angel stopped her.

“I’ll go after her in a minute and walk her home.” Xander moved around and moaned softly beginning to wake up. All conversation stilled as the watched the mortal youth who held their hearts in his hands rouse. Opening his eyes the first thing Xander caught sight of was Angel.

“Deadboy?” His voice barely above a whisper. “Please tell me you staked him.” Angel just shook his head, unable to tell this brave boy how unable he was to stake his own childe. Xander just closed his eyes briefly. “Guess I won’t be making any bad jokes soon then.” Xander smiled slightly, his crooked goofy smile, but something was wrong.

“Why?” Buffy asked, Xander’s jokes helped her get through slaying and patrolling and research sessions. It was called he lightened up an otherwise too serious existence.

“He ordered me to be quiet.” Xander coughed out and began to drift off again, the blood loss and effort to speak proving too much for him. Silently cursing Angel called upon his Sire’s voice.

“Xander, you can speak as loud and as much as you want.” Xander smiled at him before closing his eyes and dropping into a deep sleep.

“How’d you do that?” Buffy enquired wondering about the strange masterful tone her boyfriend had used.

“Sire’s voice, it will override an order from Spike right now and only if Spike’s not around. If Spike completes the claiming though it will basically be useless unless Xander and I shared blood. Giles do you know if you could take Xander to your place? I think Spike might have been able to finagle an invite to Xander’s. Or might be able to gain one in the future.” Angel stated simply and after he had earned Giles’ nod swept out of the library after Willow. He found the girl sobbing just inside the door to one of the deserted classrooms. “Willow?”

The red-headed teenage witch turned to the souled vampire and threw herself into his arms sobbing into his chest. “I’m scared! Xander’s hurt and I can’t make it better!” Angel reached up and petted her hair, shushing her. He was really bad on the comforting humans thing but he would do what he could…

Xander woke up to find himself lying wrapped in a blanket on Giles’ couch, with the watcher asleep in a chair across from him. Sitting up the young man cleared his dry throat. “Giles?” The watcher jumped and blinked several times to clear the sleep from his eyes.

“Oh! Er, yes Xander?” Xander tried to lose the fuzzy cotton that was surrounding his mind and stuffed into his head. Giles looked worried and something wasn’t right here. Why was he at Giles? And why did his neck hurt? Reaching up tentatively the young man touched the twin punctures on the side of his neck and the memory of how that mark came to be flooded him. Paling he held Giles’ eyes despite the Englishman’s attempt to look away.

“Giles, why am I at your house?” Shit it was late wasn’t it? His father was…. probably not going to notice.

“D-do you remember the attack last night?” At Xander’s nod Giles continued, his gray eyes stormy with unreadable emotions. “A-angel and I felt that it would be b-best if you stayed here for a few nights. I meant to phone your parents….” The brunet shook his head slightly.

“They won’t care if I’m gone, probably won’t notice. Um, not to be impolite but why did you and Angel think it would be best?” Worry overcame Xander, fear that they might know. “C-cause I’m fine at my house really! And, um, what I said about my parents not noticing? They’re really over-protective, they’ll call the police and have you arrested for kidnapping and ground me for years. A-and really, my house is fine.” The older man stopped the babble by placing his hand on Xander’s knee.

“Xander, you have to understand we’re not judging you. We care about you Xander.”

“Why?” The voice, muffled because Xander was now curled into a ball and pressing his head into his knees surprised Giles. The boy must have truly had a horrible childhood if he cannot understand why they care. Reforming his determination to get Xander to stay at his house for the time being Giles cleared his throat slightly. He was never very good at talking about his feelings.

“B-because you’re intelligent Xander, and-d quite brave, and v-very det-termined to help your friends. If-f they need it. You’re a wonderful person and there is no way we are letting a vampire get a hold of all that and twist it.” Xander lifted his head up and gae Giles one of the blinding smiles he usually kept reserved for Buffy and Willow. Giles, quite flustered at this point, did not know what to say.

“Thanks G-man, can I catch some Z’s now?” Xander yawned and lay back, not seeing the tiny smile that curled the librarian’s lips.

“Of course Xander, and how many times do I have to tell you not to call me that ridiculous nickname?” Tucking the blanket around the youth the older man headed upstairs for his own bed.

Spike cursed as he made his way back to the factory from his pets’ house. Xanpet wasn’t at home, which meant the final step in the claiming would have to be delayed. But what had he expected? After to blatantly flaunting him in front of Angelus his souled grand-sire was probably keeping close watch on the boy. Still, Spike smirked at the bag he held under his arm filled with all the ugly clothes his boy had. He’d been able to accomplish some good. Planning on burning the ugly remnants of his boys bad fashion sense the vampire began whistling.


Xander sighed and plucked at his clothes as he gave up paying attention to math class. After the last Spike attack Giles, Angel, Buffy, and Willow had banded together to get him to stay out of trouble and especially out of Spike’s way. He was staying his nights usually with Willow or Giles, though Angel had offered his apartment. Buffy had offered too but since Mrs. Summers’ would probably wonder why Xander wasn’t staying at his own home and neither Buff nor Xander could lie to her it was basically null and void. When Xander had gone back to his house to get some clothes, during the day and with Buffy of course, he had discovered that Spike had gotten rid of all of his old clothes and changed them for newer tighter clothes. And far more fashionable ones too. Since none of them could see the harm in Xan keeping the clothes Xander did. He liked them better then the garish clown suits he usually wore anyway.

“Mr. Harris are you paying attention?” The math teacher inquired and Xander didn’t even bother looking at him. “Not especially.” The math teacher looked surprised, stuttered for a bit, and then continued the class. Xander went back to thinking.

He wasn’t allowed to patrol with Buffy and instead was kept closely watched by Giles in the library and when Giles went out to help Buffy was sent back to the G-man’s bachelor pad. With an escort of course, at that point usually Angel. Xander appreciated their concern, especially since it was keeping him out of Spike’s hands but he was beginning to feel like a prisoner. His mind was screaming for some time alone and the bond, which he could scarily feel, was screaming for its Master. Stupid master vampire with stupid freaky blood claim.

And that was the scary thing. As soon as he had a free minute Xander had investigated blood claims, reading up on them in all the moldy books Giles had. The Watcher seemed to have anticipated this and had hidden the really gory, nasty ones, but not well enough. Xander had read those too and frankly, being owned by a vampire scared the shit out of him. He hadn’t felt this desperate since that bout with Ampada.

Sighing the brunet collected his books and slipped out of the classroom. He really just wanted to be left alone, and he was tired of school. Putting his books back in the locker Xander smiled. He was so gonna skip, usually only done with Willow and a fake doctors note he decided that while he loved her to pieces, now was not the time.

Willow and Buffy practically fell into the library after school. “Giles! Xander’s missing!” Giles, who had been in his office, poked his head out quizzically.

“A-are you quite sure?” Giles paled as he wondered where the boy could possibly of gone. Since the younger man had started staying with him Giles had gained a new perspective of Xander. The boy was painstakingly polite when it came to maneuvering around his house, asking before he took anything and making sure Giles was finished with the paper, the bathroom, the television, any shared amenities, before using it for his own purposes. And he seemed to love healthy food, sure he went and ate his requisite twinkies, and junk around the girls but he always grabbed a plate or two of whatever dish Giles made for dinner.

“Yes! He was here up till math class but he wasn’t at lunch or any of the afternoon classes.” Buffy hopped up onto one of the library tables and swung her legs face pinched and eyes worried. She’d been working past ‘Xander is a goofball’ and seeing a new side of him. Watching him during class and research she saw his work and it was good, until he got bored. Then the doodles and search for naked engravings started. The doodles were pretty good though, almost professional cartoonist good.

“Willow, does Xander cut school?” Giles asked and watched as the intelligent girl idly gnawed on a fingernail; she never chewed on anything but her left thumb and then only in times of extreme stress or worry.

“Well, not really. Only if its not important or there’s something he wants to do and then usually I have a week in advance to fake an appointment for both of us. It used to work all the time with Principal Flutie, I don’t know if it would work with Snyder.” Willow babbled and then grumbled under her breath. “Darn hyena spirits.” Buffy knew how she felt, Flutie had been a push over, Snyder was a troll.

“Well, we had better start looking for him immediately.” Giles stated and the three headed out of the library in search of their fourth.

It was getting towards evening and the group of three evil fighters were beginning to get frantic when they spotted Xander sitting by himself outside of the Espresso Pump blowing over a hot drink and reading some mindless drivel. As the three shadows fell on him the brunet mortal looked up with mixed dread and boundless energy. “Hi guys!” He smiled, a real not forced honest to God(ess) smile and watched them all relax.

Seeing Xander unhurt and acting happier then he had in days Giles was hard pressed not to sweep the lad up into a hug and keep him that way. Reforming his scattered anger he watched as Buffy put on her slaying face and Willow put on what he had heard of as ‘resolve face’. His lips twitched slightly as the younger man quailed but he kept hold of the righteous anger. “Xander. Where have you been?” His quiet voice still holding the timber of an angry man. The brunet’s face and eyes hardened for a minute before being masked by the Goofy Sidekick look, a look Giles was beginning to hate. Sure Xan was really a jester but the sidekick look usually meant he was hiding something, in truth Xander was more of the Wise Fool.

“Lots of places! I picked up some books from that bookstore on Main Street, and I bought myself a sandwich and some ice cream for lunch oh! Wills, Buffster I bought you some of that good chocolate you like! Bought some myself and you G-man but I kinda ate them both.” Goofy smile, keep the goofy smile. Don’t let them wonder why the books you ‘bought’ have the Sunnydale Main Library stamp on them, or wonder if you actually ate anything today, or think about where he got the money… Oh shit, Willow’s wearing the ‘sorry’ face. Dammit.

Willow looked down at the bar of chocolate Xander had handed her. It was the good stuff, and Xan had bought it for her before and knew she liked it. Still Willow knew it was expensive and the only money Xander had left was from his ‘weekly allowance’ which he usually had to steal from his parents for. And he hadn’t been home in how long? “Xan…” Dammit not the wheedling voice! Xander thought to himself and strictly ordered himself not to look into his best friend for life’s eyes. But… too late. “Xander you didn’t eat lunch or buy books or buy yourself and Giles chocolate did you?”

“I bought a mocha!” Xander protested and blushed looking guiltily away. “I’m sorry I cut but you guys have been smothering me. I needed some time alone. Listen, I know you care.” Xander meet all three pairs of eyes, grey, hazel and green. “But I need to go back to living a normal life. I’ll stay the nights with you if you want but I refuse to be coddled. For the rest of the day I want time alone. Before sundown I will head over to Giles’ since I’m no use on patrol. I have a key Giles, and I’ll let myself in if you don’t mind.” Giles mutely nodded and then Xander swallowed the last of the mocha, swung his bookbag up onto his shoulders, slid the drivel he had been reading into his back pocket and walked off leaving three friends in his wake.


Xander cursed as he started to jog to Giles’ place. He really had meant to get there before it was too late. Had meant to be there at least thirty minutes before sunset STARTED and now he would be lucky to get there before evening officially fell. “Stupid arcade game with it’s stupid free levels!” Xander muttered. After leaving Buffy, Willow and Giles behind he had just headed off in a random direction, intending to walk until he had gathered his cool but noooo he had just had to find fifty cents just sitting on the ground and then his feet had carried him to the arcade. Since he only had the two quarter’s Xander had picked a game and started playing…. and since he was winning kept on playing…. and playing. Until by the end there had been a crowd gathered around them and in the dark of the arcade he could swear one of them had flashed fangs….

Which had made him glance out the window, see how late it was, curse, duck out the door and start running. Xander knew he should have called Giles and just had the older man pick him up but Xan still had his pride and couldn’t come crawling back after the blow-up he had had with his friends today. Hurrying Xander came to a stop. The fastest way to get to Giles’ place would be the path through the park to his left but it was shaded enough anything could be hiding there. “Damn it! Otherwise Spike’ll grab me anyway!” He muttered and then began running through the park, running full on hoping against hope that Spike wasn’t up, wasn’t in the trees, that nothing was going to… “Ooph!” The breath burst from his body as something grabbed him, pulling him into the trees off the path and slamming him against one.

“Well, well, well…” One of the vampires says, and Xander can see it isn’t just the one. There’s four of them, three boys and a girl and the male vamp holding him is definitely the one he saw at the arcade. “Isn’t this Master Spike’s little pet?” He sneers, keeping a grip on Xander’s shirt.

“Why Morty, I think you’re right.” The female vamp says and Xander has to laugh because he’s being held against the trunk of a tree by a vamp named MORTY and that’s just fucking preposterous.

“What’re you laughing at live-boy?” Morty sneers, and Xander supposes that’s just a tidbit of the karmic retribution he’ll be receiving for calling Angel Deadboy for the past two years.

“You’re a dead guy and your names Morty, that’s what.” Xander manages to still his laughter and then sighs at three of the confused look on the four vamps combined with their game face though it was pretty funny. “Mort means dead in another language.” And yes he had been paying attention to when Willow recited words out loud. Occasionally… Sort of. Then Morty’s there leaning right into his field of vision.

“Well aren’t you the funny one.” He hisses out and looks ready to punch Xander.

“Morty! Can it! Remember Master Spike? ‘Bring in my pet and you’ll get a treat but touch a hair on his head and you’ll be lifted into the sunlight bit by bit’?” The female quickly stalls the other vampire and Morty just glares at Xander for a while before shrugging.

“Should just bring him into the warehouse then.” Xander could not allow them to lead him to Spike’s waiting arms. Striking out he quickly tripped Morty up trying to rush off but then one of the other vampires, the girl, was in his way and Xander brought the stake out from his waistband striking out and plunging it into her chest. A hand grabbed his shoulder, whirling him around and Xander fell to the ground grasping at the hand on his arm and pulling the vampire down with him. Quickly thrusting his stake into that vampires heart by then Morty and the remaining male had shaken off their stupor. “You little fuck!” Morty shouted and launched himself at Xander; Xander was no match for vampiric speed, even a fledges, and as the vamp went for his neck he thought, ‘well at least I won’t have to apologize to Giles.’ Suddenly the dead weight was pulled off him and a fine coating of dust floated down on top of him. His rescuer spun around launching at the other vampire and quickly ripping him limb from limb before the body exploded into dust. Then the whirling dark body comes to a stop and Xander has the insane urge to giggle. What was that Law of Relativity or something? An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. Well Spike was pretty unbalanced, as was illustrated both by him wanting Xander and by the fact that he had just dusted two of his own minions. Now that the whirling dervish had come to a halt he was simply standing there looking at Xander with those unreadable blue eyes.

The brunet found himself squirming under Spike’s gaze and his brown eyes flicked nervously around for an escape route. Then Spike was there, invading his personal space. Xander gulped frantically trying to restore saliva to his swiftly too dry mouth. “Never seen you fight like that Xan.” The vampire was smirking now and far, far to close to various major arteries.

“Never really needed to.” Xander gasped out and took a deep breath finding that worsened his case instead of bettering it. The scent of Spike assailed him; smoke, peppermint and the faint tang of blood. It went straight to his cock and Xander flushed trying to turn away however Spike grabbed his chin and forced Xan to meet his eyes.

“Oh you’ve needed to Xan. I’ve seen you with the Slayer, she’s never there when you need her to save you. It’s always someone else, or yourself. You hold back when you fight with her pet,” One of those self-righteous smirks graced his face. “Not holding back now are you pet?”

“Leave me alone.” Xander growled at the vampire holding him. But there was nothing he could do, he had dropped his stake and Spike was holding him up against another tree. And Xander doubted he would be able to walk away with the hard-on he was sporting much less run.

“Nope.” Spike’s looking him over now and Xander has to shiver under that hungry lustful gaze. “You’re wearing the clothes I left you.” Spike is pleased, it had taken forever to get to his pet this time. Far too long. Okay, so two weeks shouldn’t feel like eternity to a vampire of over 100 years but still! He wanted his pet. “Suppose we should get on to the last stage of claiming, how ‘bout it?” His pet had paled and then flushed his cock twitching at the idea of Spike fucking him. Naughty pet, knew all about claiming then?

“No. I don’t want this.” He gasped out, even as he leaned into his master’s body, his master’s touches. “Buffy’s so gonna stake you.”

Spike chuckled, he knew something his pet didn’t. “Slayer’s gonna be a little busy chasing after a bunch of assassins pet. Needed to get her out of the way I did.” The boy’s still trying to fight him even as he gives in. Spike finds that to be just precious. “Come boy, we have a bed to christen.” The boy shivered but followed his master.


Xander gasped as Spike undressed him, loving touching all of him. Tracing cold fingers over old scars, lovingly kissing each birth and beauty mark he found. Licking each rib and then trailing down to his navel where he plunged his tongue in and out. Xander moaned and thrashed from where he lay on the bed. A bed which smelled like Spike but also of some sort of flower, a feminine perfume, and plums. So intertwined with Spike’s scent that it was hard to tell where one ended and the other began. Wandering mind brought back by Spike tenderly removing the tight jeans hungry eyes looking at the boxers that Xander was absurdly glad to be wearing before he just isn’t. Xander gasped at the first touch of Spike’s fingers to his shaft, the vampire trailing cold digits up and down the reddened cock before circling the tip.

“Gorgeous.” Spike murmured looking at the flushed and debauched body of his pet. The beautiful brown eyes shimmering with want, and need, and lust, throat arching his mark standing proudly on the flushed skin. The boys beautifully brown nipples peaked with arousal, stomach muscles rippling every time his pet moved. Spike glanced wickedly at the bobbing cock, and swooping down deep throated it, humming and swallowing wanting to see his boy come.

Xander screamed the effects of Spike playing his body, the wait he had been enduring and the blood they had shared finally proving too much. But he could not come without his master’s permission could he? A quiet voice whispered in his mind, ‘Come.’ Xander did thrashing and screaming as his seed exploded into the bleached blond vampires mouth. Spike swallowed the essence of his pet, he had tasted his pets blood and his seed. The only thing left to cement the bond would be to take his pet. While Xander was basking in the aftermath of his orgasm Spike slicked a finger with the lube that he had in his pocket. Another point on his mastery of his pet, Xan was naked and the only item of clothing Spike had lost so far was his duster. Slicking his pointer finger he slowly traced down the perineum towards his prize.

Xander tensed as a finger prodded him, sneaking between the ass cheeks and requesting entry. “Relax pet, not gonna hurt you.” Xander did relax despite the screaming in his mind about this being an evil vampire that he should never allow anywhere near him. But Xan told that annoying voice to just shut up, stupid voice of reason. There was pain though as Spike’s cold finger breached him.

Spike gently moved his finger in and out of the boy hearing Xander’s slight hiss of pain but when he had looked into Xander’s brown eyes he had seen that it was good pain. Spike slicked a second finger and moved them in and out of his pet, scissoring them and preparing him for his eventual entrance. Smiling when he noticed the tautness of his pet’s muscles relax as the pain began to disappear, then he was moving his fingers inside of his pet and crooking…

Xander arched off the bed as Spike pressed something inside of him that made stars appear in front of his eyes. “W-what w-w-was that-t?” He gasped out and met the vampire’s twinkling blue eyes.

“That, pet,” Spike thrust in and out hitting that point inside him on each thrust and each word, “was your prostate. Useful little bugger.” Now his pet was fully aroused again and Spike can’t take it anymore he has to be inside him. “Well pet, if it feels that good with just my fingers how do you think it would feel with my cock?”

Xander abandons all sanity as a hedonistic urge settles over him. “Fuck me Spike.” He thrust his hips out and it wasn’t long before something long and impossibly hard is inside of him thrusting in. It hurts a little but then that cold pressure hits his happy spot and all pain is forgotten.

Spike thrusts into that warm, velvety, tight furnace that is his Xanpet groaning as the muscles squeeze around his cock. Xander thrashes around on the bed again lost in the ecstasy of the moment, unknowing that he is giving up his last bit of freedom while he gives up his virginity. As he speeds up he watches his pet move under him, not knowing how delicious he looked but Spike needs something more before he cums.

Xander does too and he rolls his head to the side, offering his neck up to Spike. “Please, Spike, please. Need to cum, please, need….” Xander drifted off because Spike had gotten the message and darted down to sink his fangs into his pet holding up his own bloody wrist which Xander latches onto as his body shakes in orgasm again. At the taste of the heady liqueur which inhabits Xander’s veins Spike is cuming his cool semen exploding inside of his pets channel, cooling an overheated body. As the roll over and Spike pulls his pet close to his chest for some sleep. He stays inside of his pet, half hard already.

“I could make a joke about rigamortis.” Spike’s brown haired pet murmurs and he snuggles back against the cool, compact chest, curling into. “But I won’t.” Spike chuckles and both he and his pet drift off to sleep.


When Angel had heard about how the Scoobies had pissed Xander off and let him wonder off alone he had become angry. When he heard that night had fallen and no one had been able to locate the boy he had been well on the way to furious. Then Spike had gone and stolen whatever weird cross thing that was and Angel had figured ‘here’s my chance’ and followed him. The factory he eventually followed Spike to was a bit of a surprise, Spike had always preferred crypts and Drusilla had preferred abandoned houses. Spike had entered the warehouse and Angel had waited, it was close to midnight now stil early for vampires to be out and he somehow doubted Spike had eaten yet.

Spike left the factory with Drusila and a large group of minions and Angel would have been worried if he wasn’t focusing on that one single slow heartbeat that was coming from inside the factory. Sneaking in the brunet vampire listened for any signs of minions left and quickly staked the three who were ‘standing guard’. Pathetic, you honestly couldn’t get good help these days could you? Then he was standing in front of a door on the first story. It was heavily scented with Spike and Drusilla’s aroma, obviously their room, but he noticed that Drusilla’s scent also lead to a door next to it. She had always preferred a room alone for those nights when the stars would not shut up. Trying the door Angel wasn’t surprised to find it locked and backing up kicked it open.

Laying tangled under red satin sheets was Xander. His tanned body glowed in the light from the candles scattered around the room and his black hair stood out in stark contrast to the cream colored pillowcases. Angel stopped in the doorway having to briefly catch his breath and that was when he sensed it. Sex and semen swirling through the miasma of Dru’s flowers and Spike’s peppermint and a bite mark standing out on Xander’s throat. Xander had been claimed, fully claimed, by Spike. Angel began to think as he moved towards the bed to wake Xander up. Being the older vampire, and Spike’s grandsire, he should be able to over ride Spike’s claim with one of his own… technically. Living off of pigs blood didn’t exactly make for strong vampires. “Xander.” His voice echoed through this small room, and the body stirred before the brunet shot upright in bed.

“Angel! No! It’s a trap!” Angel spun around then and saw Spike, Drusilla and an army of minions outside the door.

“Ah pet, still fighting me.” Spike sounded wistful but the twinkle in his eyes belied that. He was enjoying every second of Xander’s attempts to get around him, it would make the boys eventual surrender even more sweet. Then the blue eyes focused on his grandsire. “Angelus, how kind of you to join us!” Angel looked uneasy, and Spike knew it was probably the large number of minions blocking his exit but it was something that the blonde vampire could enjoy.

“Daddy was gonna be a bad boy.” Drusilla spoke up from his side and turning Spike raised an eyebrow. Even with a recent feeding Dru was still pretty weak but also incredibly in tune with the stars. “Was gonna take the kitten away and make him his kitten. Wasn’t gonna let Spikey, or Miss Edith and I play!” Spike turned around and his grandsire’s stone face was back, the one he had never used to conceal his feelings with before the soul, before the bleedin’ soul it was only used in jest.

“Was tha’ right? Bad Angel.” Spike’s voice was so amused, partially because of the way his pet was looking at Angel. In fear, wonder and surprise. Well, time to put Daddy dearest down for a nap. “Night ‘gelus.” He said and while Angel tried to figure out what he meant by that threw the little stone thing that Drusilla had made sure he buy. As it crashed into the floor at Angel’s feet the spell was activated and his grandsire’s eyes rolled up into his head as he fell to the floor.

Xander jumped at the sound of Angel’s body landing on the hard floor. It was a really weird noise. “You three, drag him into Dru’s room and use her chains to wrap him up.” Spike issued pointing at three burly minions, Drusilla then squealed and ran ahead of them to make her room ‘ready for Daddy’. “Dalton, get back to figuring out that ritual.” The mousy, tweed wearing, glasses on the tip of his nose vampire nodded quickly and rushed off. The other minions quickly took their leave after Spike’s glare at the lot of them, leaving Spike and Xander alone. Together. With Xander undressed and in bed.


Spike purred as he stalked over to his pet, calming the boy down and smiling as the boy relaxed into his touch even though he tried to fight it. “Cor pet, look so bloody beautiful on these sheets, in this bed. Might just keep you here for the rest of your life, just enjoying the view.” Xander shook his head but leaned back against Spike’s chest as the vampire settled him between his legs. “What pet; don’t believe me? You’re mine and I’m not letting you go, gonna treat you nice but if you misbehave I’m gonna have to punish you.” Tilting the head back so he could see those stunning brown eyes; though brown didn’t quite convey their true color Spike smirked down at Xander. “Like now pet. Told you not to tell Angel anything when he showed up didn’t I?” The brunet nodded teeth set and mouth thin. Boy didn’t understand, Spike mused as he slipped away from his pet so they could get set up for his punishment, didn’t understand that Spike would never really hurt him. Catch more flies with honey and all that rot.

Maneuvering Xander so his ass was in the air Spike ginned evilly and pulled out a small paddle. “Now pet, I’m gonna ask you to count.” As he swung down the vampire made sure to curb his strength just enough.

“One.” Xander started counting, eyes squeezed shut against something that should hurt but seemed to be sending pleasurable signals through his body. “Two.”


“Twenty-three.” Xander was close to tears now and hard as a rock. His ass felt like it was on fire but each new strike seemed to just make him harder. Spike finally let up though, stepping away from the mortal on his bed though it sorely tested his resolve to do so. Xanpet’s ass looked so delicious sticking up in the air like that and all that blood rushing to the surface? Was like a bloody beacon to the vampire. Xander collapsed onto the bed as soon as the constant paddling stopped; he didn’t let the tears flow though.

“Learned your lesson Xan?” Spike’s voice was quite, noting his pet’s resolve not to sink into crying; as any normal mortal would have done no doubt. Spike knew William was never able to hold up too long under the Headmaster’s paddle. The vampire’s fingers twitched with the urge to comfort his pet, to stroke over that warmed flesh and cool it down.

“Yes.” Xander whispered in an equally quiet voice. He had learned his lesson, disobeying Master led to humiliating punishment. Got it. Would try to do….. better? Inside of him two ideologies were waging war; his previous devotion to Buffy, Willow, and Giles and this new tie to Spike: a demonic overseer who promised pleasure and pain in equal portions.

Spike nodded, though Xander couldn’t see it. “Good.” And then a cool hand was on Xander’s backside causing him to jump. “Shh pet, wanna make this better.” There was lotion on the hand now rubbing over his overheated, oversensitive flesh. Xander moaned into his arms as he folded them to support his head. “That’s alright pet, lessons over. Everything’s better now.” Spike watched what he could see of the brunette’s face. There was a light flush there too, and the hard-on hadn’t gone away.

Xander was enjoying the feeling of the cool fingers when one of them took the chance to slip into his, still lubed from last nights activities, channel. He moaned long and low as the fingers found his prostate quickly, and neither of them could stand much preparation before Spike was once again penetrating him in the sweetest of ways. Spike whimpered as he slipped into the furnace his boy called an ass, and feeling the warm flesh against him as he thrust in and out almost completely undid him.

Angel awoke to the sounds of fucking in a room that was a cross between a young girl’s and an ax-murderer’s. Which probably rightly described Drusilla’s state of mind. Said insane vampiress was sitting on her bed hugging this decade’s ‘Miss Edith’ to her chest and giggling at her chained up sire. “My Angel’s been a bad boy.” She singsong-ed “Bad puppy!” Two drawn out moans of completion sounded and Angel winced. He was feeling really guilty about offering Xander to Spike on Parent-Teacher night now. Drusilla’s eyes seemed to briefly clear before she was giggling again. “I’m gonna tell you a secret Daddy. My Spikey found himself a kitten, and he and the kitten are gonna be together forever and ever!” She stood up, throwing her arms in the air and spinning in a circle. “My boy doesn’t need me anymore, I am going to be leaving him soon Daddy.” A sad smile graced Drusilla’s face and she crouched down in front of the cro-magnon foreheaded vampire. “But you’ll be here when I’m gone Daddy. You’ll take care of my Spike and the kitten won’t you? I know you will Daddy I trust you.” Then the brunet vampiress was gone leaving the confused souled vampire alone.

Angel tested the manacles on his wrists pulling at them. They were strong, he had known they would be. After all Drusilla liked to be tied up once in a while and hurt, and the game wouldn’t be the same if she could get free. “Games not right without the realism.” Spike said from where he stood in the doorway. Angel turned to look at his captor. The bleached blond was leaving against the doorframe, unashamedly naked (a/n-let’s face it, Spike got his name for a reason) and proud of it. He reeked of sex and Xander of blood and power. The blue-eyed youngest of the Aurelius line sauntered into the room sitting in the spot Drusilla had recently vacated. He leaned forward elbows placed on his knees and chin held in the palm of his hand, blue eyes pinning the elder vampire in place. The demon residing in a cage inside of him shook at his restraints yearning to escape and remind his grand-childe of his place. “My pet’s showering and as much as I’d like to be in their with him I had to come over here to talk.” A slow, lingering smirk and then Spike was lighting a cigarette while leaning back on Drusilla’s black fluffy feather comforter.

“What do you want Spike?” Angel growled out. All formality really, like reading a script, no real emotion of effort behind the words.

“What does anyone want? Youth, beauty, fame, but I’ve got all three of those bases covered don’t I?” Bigger smirk now and hungry eyes above the burning cherry of the cigarette. “No Angel, what I want is my family back. Never liked Darla but since my darling Dru has always been a few apples short of a fruit salad you took care of my education. You laid the groundwork for the vampire I am.” Smirk, and Spike was invading Angel’s personal space, pushing the older vampire against the wall and not allowing him to deny any of this. “Aren’t you proud?”

Angelus bellowed from inside of him and Angel’s game face flashed as he and the demon fought for dominance. The curse was a good one though; the Rom’s certainly knew their magiks. “Spike, I can’t say I’m ashamed the way you turned out but I am sorry you had to become this at all.” Spike backed off letting go of Angel’s chin and retreating to the bed again his true feeling lying behind a carefully constructed mask.

“Well Angel since you’ve been truthful I guess it’s my turn. The reason you’re around serves a dual purpose. One, you help me fix Dru and two I get my Sire back.” Angel gaped at him and Angelus cheered. Then Spike was sweeping out of the room, a feet that was quite impressive since he had no clothes on.

Xander was clean and wearing some of the clothes Spike had left out for him. Thoughtful of the vampire who Xander figured would rather have his pet walk around naked all the time. Sitting on Spike’s bed, who’s sheets had been changed in the time it took him to shower, presumably by minions. Spike did not exactly seem like a homemaker. Drying his hair the brunet missed Drusilla and Spike’s entrance and when he looked up found the crazy vampiress staring at him inches away from his face. “Eeep!” Xander squeaked as he scrambled back on the bed only to meet with Spike’s cool chest. The other vampire curled his arms around Xander’s chest and started purring, while running his hands through Xander’s hair to comfort him.

“Shh Xan, it’s alrigh’. Jus’ asked Dru to come in here a minute to show you something.” Xander cannot move his eyes from Drusilla’s swaying form as she dances without moving from the spot in front of Xander.

“W-what?” Xander stuttered out before stopping and trying again. Spike knew just how to touch him to get him to relax so it is slightly hard to focus on the situation. Despite the crazy dancing. “What did you want her to show me?” At this question the loony vamp stops her dancing and stares straight at him.

“Look into my eyes, be in my eyes. Be in me.” Drusilla says and her hypnotism pulls the boys mind in. Just then her Spikey leans down to whisper the truth in his pet’s ears.

“The future Xan, I’m gonna show you the future.”

Xander finds himself on a street in Sunnydale standing in front of his house. His parents house, the one Spike had chased him away from. Looking to his right and his left he enters into the basement, something telling him it is the right way to go. He sees himself, lying on the bed staring up at the ceiling. Walking down the creaking steps his future self looks up at him and then looks away.

“Oh.” A voice much deeper then Xander’s own but also worried by alcohol and depression. “It’s you.” The younger Xander takes a deep breath and swallows his fear.

“Yeah it’s me. The you of Junior year. What happened to you?” He can see he’s too thin, too pale also. The basements a mess, it is obvious he still lives in his parents house and does not care to clean the place up any.

“Life happened. See Senior year was great. Well, except the girl I slept with tried to kill me and I had to watch a bunch of people die when the mayor ascended. But I led the students to fight, I was in charge, I was in command. After that, things went downhill.” The older Xander scratches at the five o’clock shadow and looks away from his younger self in shame.

“Why are you still here? I mean I don’t know about you but I was planning on going on a trip Senior year and never coming back.” The older Xander shrugs and toys with a beer bottle instead of looking up at him.

“Well, I did. Didn’t get far though, Uncle Rory’s car broke down in Oxnard. Didn’t even make L.A.” With a snort he takes a drink of the alcohol before it is snatched away by his younger self and flung into a wall.

“What else? What about a job? I understand no college but aren’t you working? Or a girlfriend?

“No girl, got a couple of jobs. Enough to pay rent in this shit hole and buy beer to drown my sorrows.”

“Buffy? Giles? Willow?!?!” How his best friend could have left him to this pitiful existence was beyond him even if the other two had forgotten about him. His older self gave another snort and Xander’s spirits plummeted.

“Well you see in Senior year, I… we made a big mistake. We were dating Cordelia and decided it would be smart to snog with Willow. Near death experience and all but still, and she was dating this really cool guy named Oz at the time. So then in order to make it up to him she ignored me. Still is, plus she’s and Buff are college girls and I’m just a townie.” Then the older version launches at Xander and suddenly Xander’s in a cemetery watching an older version rise from the ground as another minion of the hellmouth and watches Buffy casually stake him. As casually as she had staked Ford.

Sees himself go down in a fight with a demon.

Watches himself die of magic syphilis.

Watches as his father beats him to death for a missing rent payment.

A vengeance demon who he apparently left at the alter eviscerates him.

Three techno-weenies shoot him full of electricity.

Willow shocks him full of dark magic before he falls to the ground.

He has a Hell-Goddess exposing his innards to the world, and shoving her hands in his head.

Dracula killing him for failing to bring Buffy.

Hundreds of deaths. In some Willow or Buffy or Giles or several others are hurt, in others they leave him to his demise. His end coming about for supernatural or normal causes.

Then the things that were worse then death.

He sees himself lying in a hospital ward, there are wounded girls lying near him. Next to his bed Willow has fallen asleep clutching his hand. Over one of his eyes is a tightly wound strip of bandages and Xander knows right there. He’s lost his eye something poked it out. Someone blinded him. And somehow that hurts more then the deaths. Hurts more then a meaningless life.

He watches other times, horrible injuries, dead end jobs, drunkenness, one in which he is captured by a demon and repeatedly raped because Willow did a spell that made him a demon magnet, another where he is strapped down by a bunch of scientists and experimented on as they try to bring out his possessions. And the last one; where he is still friends with Buffy, Willow, Giles but it is different. He is no longer Xander Harris, he’s the Zeppo. He makes jokes that no one hears, actually gives helpful criticism and good ideas which are brushed aside in favor of extremist views which he no longer shares. Xander watches as everyone around him falls and he is there to pick them up, and they push him away, ignore him, belittle him.

And that hurts even worse then blindness.

When Xander comes back to himself there are tear tracks down his face and Spike is petting him, soothing him. Without any type of encouragement he tilts his neck to the side, completely giving himself to Spike’s demon.


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