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Brief summaries, links to the fiction, and a disclaimer reside here

I make no money off of this fiction. The only compensation I receive for writing it is improvement in my skills as a writer, and positive feedback from my readers.

I do not claim the characters, or canon universes for my own.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Short Fic (Rated R do not click if you are under 18)
Angelus decides to take Xander for his own.

Darkness In Their Hearts (Rated R do not click if you are under 18)
Angelus/Xander/Wesley, Dru/Spike/Willow
Set during Season 1 of Angel, Angelus comes out to play and decides to take Xander and Wesley for his own

Types (Rated R do not click if you are under 18)
Angel offers Xander to Spike, Spike decides to take him up on that offer

Tribes of Blight (Rated R do not click if you are under 18)
Willow/Spike/Xander, Buffy/Angel, Faith/Oz, hints of Graham/Xander, and vague mentions of Cordelia/Gage
A disease wipes out the adults, and the kids are left to function on their own.

Born in the Right Century (Rated R do not click if you are under 18)
Spike/Xander predominant with slight Aus/X, Dru/X, Darla/X, Willow/X(UST) and other relationships yet to be decided.
Xander makes a wish, and time paradoxes occur.

Constantine (the movie)
Push and Pull
Chas/Balthazar, Chas/Constantine, Constantine/Balthazar
Chas gets pushed away by Constantine, and pulled in my Balthazar.

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